Happy 4th of July!

When you think of the 4th of July, do you think about ribs, a snack platter, watermelon, fireworks, grilling and outside fun? That was my 4th of July.
My 4th started at 10:30am when I woke up! Hey, it's summer, sleeping in is good! First we visited Starbucks for coffee and scones.  Just a vanilla shake for me.  A great shopping trip to Rockville Whole Foods Market followed.  Whole Foods hardly ever disappoints.  Whether your in a hurry to get in and out or to shop for awhile and enjoy a nice lunch from their wide selection of fresh, prepared foods.  This trip was hurried, no lunch for me! We picked up all the ingredients for an amazing day of food and fun there.  Whole Foods baby back ribs are the best! Hard to get wrong.  Ours were dry-rubbed, fall off the bone, goodness.  We have purchased ribs from other places but the competition is non-existent.  You get what you pay for!
When we got home from Whole Foods with all our items for our celebration, my mom wasted no time and started slathering our ribs with her special dry rub.  She makes it herself with a long list of seasonings.  Watermelon went in the fridge, lobsters (not from Whole Foods) to the steam pot, and the ribs to their foil packets for oven roasting before finishing on the grill! The Maine lobsters my mom bought would soon be lobster rolls and not only that but my mom undertook the task of also making her own baked macaroni and cheese.  
Last year we went to the Washington D.C. fireworks but last year it was not 105 degrees.  
Normally what could be 3 dinners was 1 glorious feast and we enjoyed it all while watching the D.C. fireworks on our flatscreen TV in our 72 degree house.
Check out some of the pictures I took below.

Happy July!

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